Lil Peep's sudden passing has saddened the hip-hop community, but that doesn't mean his memory can't live on. Paper Magazine has recently published an interview they had done with Peep as part of a larger feature on hip-hop's rising stars, which was set to appear in the forthcoming "Break The Internet Issue." Now, what may very well be Peep's final interview has surfaced, and thankfully, it's an insightful one. The young rapper, who died at the age of 21, spoke on a variety of topics, including his tour lifestyle, his sexuality, his friendship with Makkonnen, his "genre," his thoughts on the industry, and more. 

When asked about reactions to his debut album Come Over When You're Sober, Peep revealed a reluctance to pigeonhole his music into a genre. "When people ask me what kind of music I make, I freeze up. They're just confused by my description...I say it's alternative hip hop." He also stresses the fact that friendship is an important part of his life, and everything would be meaningless if he couldn't do it with his closest people. "I hate forced features. I hate features that were put together by labels and stuff like that. I just want to have my friends featured on the album and my friends making the beats so that it becomes its own entity in itself."

He goes on to talk about the importance of confidence, and discusses his own sexuality, stating "if anything, all my friends aren't going to care about that. I would say it's a good thing, too, to be proud of that." He explains that coming out as bisexual "can be intimidating, but you need to just be brave and confident." It seems as if Peep was comfortable in his own skin, and you have to respect that.

For more from Lil Peep, be sure to check out the full interview right here. It's a great read, and really makes you think about what might have been. Rest in peace, Peep.