A new documentary executively produced by famed auteur Terrence Malick about the life of Lil Peep is in the process of being written -- news of which has come light by way of a New York Times editorial recounting the rapper's brush with stardom, and his untimely death. You can read the op-ed piece in its entirety right here.

Malick is considered one of America's greatest filmmakers in the Modern Era of cinema. His connection to Lil Peep's life story is closer than one might think, almost by happenstance: Malick and the late rapper's parents are close friends.

The New York Times also reports that posthumous music will coincide with the film's release, of which duets with iLoveMakonnen have been unearthed. The documentary will reportedly come to grips with the controversial release of "Falling Down" with XXXTentacion, released after both their deaths.

The NYT op-ed contends that members of Lil Peep's initially objected to XXXTentacion repurposing his song; they were reportedly wary of his domestic violence record, but alas the record came to pass. Liza Womack would have preferred to keep "Falling Down" a family institution but conceded to X's mother Cleopatra who was evidently strongwilled about seeing it through (the cover).