Lil Peep's untimely death remains one of hip-hop's most recent tragedies, especially given that the rapper was only twenty-one when he passed. While he only left behind a single album, the emo-tinged Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 1, Peep's team did an admirable job in keeping his memory alive through the posthumous sequel; producer Smokeasac spoke about the recording process as if it were supernaturally driven, citing Peep's constant presence. In any case, many felt as if the Pt 2 was a worthy addition to Peep's legacy, though some expressed anxiety over an utter cessation of new Peep music. 

Now, a new post has surfaced on Peep's IG page, prompting speculation that the journey may very well continue beyond the two-part series. The image, which features degree marker "87. 3," has many GothBoiClique followers scratching their collective heads. Many theories have already been put forth on the GothBoiClique subreddit, though few clear-cut conclusions have been reached. Still, any new activity on a dead rapper's page is destined to jolt fans with renewed optimism, with new music being the most favored possibility

Check out the image below, and don your thinking caps. What does Peep's camp have in store for 2019?