Lil Peep is one of the new faces of rap, at least, one of the new faces for the new generation. He's the leader amongst the emo-rap wave currently taking off, with a tatted face, pastel-colored hair (now chopped off and blonde for his album cover), and a dark, lofi aesthetic that does indeed borrow from emo-punk-rock predecessors. 

The artist has garnered millions of views on both Soundcloud and Youtube and is now gearing up for his proper debut. The title of the album has been circulating for a minute -- Come Over When You're Sober. Today though, he's made the album available for pre-order on iTunes, revealing the proper cover art, release date and tracklist. At the same time, he's released an official music video for "The Brightside."

The tracklist is featured below, as well as the album cover. Pre-order the album on iTunes.

1. Benz Truck (гелик)
2. Save That Shit
3. Awful Things
4. U Said
5. Better Off (Dying)
6. The Brightside
7. Problems