There’s some very sad news surfacing online right now that are claiming Long Island rapper & internet sensation Lil Peep has tragically passed away after overdosing on drugs before his concert Wednesday night.

Lil Peep was set to perform Wednesday night in Tucson Arizona, but his show had been cancelled after he reportedly overdosed on fake Xanax that was laced with Fentanyl while on his tour bus according to early reports. Peep was then rushed to a local hospital in critical condition, but now unconfirmed reports are circulating online from fellow peers & artists that Lil Peep has since passed.

A Reddit user has compiled a timeline of the evening’s events, which can be seen right here. It appears Bexxy, one of Peep's best friends, was seen outside the venue crying saying this ain't happening and “he doesn't want to be alive.”

Post Malone, DJ Marshmello, Lil Yachty, and Lil Pump are just some of the names who have already taken to twitter to send their prayers & love to those affected by this loss. 

Lil Peep was just 21 years young. R.I.P Peep