Lil Peep "Awful Things" Video

Mitch Findlay
August 18, 2017 09:29

Lil Peep drops a new video for "Awful Things."

Lil Peep recently dropped his debut Come Over When You're Sober, which may have been better than most people assumed it would be. However, Peep is so unapologetic about his tortured soul persona that his whole "Goth Boy Clique" may be enough to alienate a certain widespread sect of listener. The fact that his chief creative director goes by the name of Sus Boy will probably do little to convince the skeptics, but that doesn't mean the man lacks an artistic vision. In fact, Peep's latest Sus Boy directed video seems to embrace both anime and horror influences, with a press release citing  “Shiki” and Stephen King's "Carrie" respectively.

If either of those mean anything to you, there's a chance you might be down with the Lil Peep movement. The video adds itself to the long list of music videos set at a high school, and while that might prompt a specific brand of gallows humor from some of his detractors, it also provides Peep with a backdrop to deliver (perhaps heavy-handed) metaphors about the corruption of innocence. The Smokesac and IVIVIVI produced joint may actually be the least "hip-hop" track on Peep's LP, and the clip seems to embrace its influences, amassing a collection of archetypes and narratives from the emo genre.

There's even some CGI, when Peep mysteriously tries to seduce his lover by setting himself on fire. Anybody familiar with the emo genre knows that they love themselves some self-inflicted-pain, as any good Myspace status may have attested to. Eventually, the entire school seems consumed in flame, and the hot-dog donning mascot runs amok while burning alive. But does anybody mourn for him? Nobody ever mourns for the mascot.

If you enjoyed this, be sure to check out "Come Over When You're Sober." And don't burn shit.

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