Lil Nas X is everywhere right now when it comes to his "Old Town Road" single and the mega-success that followed. The latter is the theme in his latest music video for "Panini" that stars Skai Jackson and her inability to dodge Lil Nas X no matter how hard she tries. In the video below, you can see Skai go so far as to get on a plane to get away from Lil Nas X but he manages to fly on the wing forcing her to make an emergency exit. 

"For the panini music video I wanted to exhibit the array of incredible faults we’ve ascertained aligning to the proximity from the personification of redundant axioms, presupposed upon tautological repetitions that have enhanced our paradoxical paradigms via redundant innovations," Lil Nas X explained of the video's concept


Skai's many attempts to break free have sparked a string of hilarious memes shared to Twitter that mocks Skai's reaction to every encounter with Lil Nas X

Peep some of the jokes below.