The Lil Nas X recorder blew up bigger than anyone would've expected earlier this year - thanks largely to the viral #YeeHaw challenge on TikTok. The genre-merging track has had plenty of mainstream success and eventually cracked the top 20 of the Billboard country music charts, before being pulled from the list after Billboard concluded it did "not embrace enough elements of today's country music."

The single continued to receive support from the public, as well as fellow artists like Cardi B, who pulled Nas X on stage with her at her Fashion Nova launch to perform the song. "I wanna say that I'm so proud of this young guy who's about to come up and fuck up the stage because his #1 is still #1 after they tried to deny his mothafuckin' entry," said Cardi. 

The Atlanta rapper confirmed on his Instagram and Twitter this past Tuesday that the visual accompanying the song would arrive at the end of the week. He included a video still with his announcement in which he is seen looking down a hole while dressed in western attire. 

The image has since inspired a lot of comedic twists, as it has become the subject of a countless array of memes that reference everything from the Avengers to Wild Wild West to Disney's Holes. While you await the drop of the video, you can check out some golden reactions below.