If you ask Siri to play you the number one song in the country right now, she'll happily oblige and start banging Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" remix with Billy Ray Cyrus. Although it was only released last week, country and hip-hop fans have united to finally agree that one song that happens to mesh both genres is actually pretty dope. Lil Nas X has been experiencing a massive amount of success with the track and now, his hit record has crossed over to the television world. As reported by Hypebeast, "Old Town Road" has been remixed to give it a Game Of Thrones vibe and the new version is out now.

The parody song is performed by Lil Night King X and Gilly Ray Cyrus, released by The Ringer and Ringer Records. As you would likely expect, the content being presented is not entirely serious. The two vocalists integrate aspects of the GoT universe into the existing melodies inside of "Old Town Road," instead taking their horses out to the "Old Kingsroad."

Earlier this week, Billboard revealed that after taking the song off of its country charts, "Old Town Road" still managed to climb to the top spot of the overall list. With Billy Ray Cyrus on the remix, LNX is almost sure to see himself back on the country chart. Further remixes have been teased by Young Thug and others with Lil Nas Xtrolling everybody into believing that a possible Beyoncé version was in the cards.

What do you think of the Game Of Thrones remix? The new season of the show begins on April 14.