After officially coming out as gay on social media, Lil Nas X has been the topic of conversations worldwide. From country to hip hop, artists and fans have weighed in on the young entertainer's sexuality. There have been plenty of people who don't care what his sexual preference is, like Murder Inc.'s Irv Gotti, and there are others who have lent their support, like Dwyane Wade. Some have used the opportunity to flirt, like Love & Hip Hop Miami star Bobby Lytes, and yet there are others who have trolled, bashed, and insulted the star.

The announcement may have come as a shock to the masses, but Lil Nas X mentioned that he thought he made it obvious. TMZ claims that the rapper used the cover art of his debut studio album 7 as the way he would tell the world he was gay. They report that 7's art was completed by a man named Lorenzo Sozzi who was tasked with creating X's vision of leaving a dystopian world for a futuristic one.

As they collaborated on the artwork, Sozzi reportedly gave X a cover similar to the one that was used, aside from some minor edits. In the original version, the spotlight that shone down on the horse rider wasn't as bright, and there wasn't a rainbow added to one of the buildings on the skyline and according to TMZ, X was insistent that the rainbow was included. Critics have been speculating as to whether or not X's career can continue following the announcement and has sparked even more debates about homosexuality in hip hop. For now, "Old Town Road" continues to dominate.