Lil Nas X has done quite a charitable deed recently. The rapper was linked to a video on Twitter wherein a group of children was seen chanting his viral hit-song "Old Town Road" during a school assembly. The visuals were shared with Lil Nas X, who asked the social media users, "When they want a free show?" While many may have thought he was trolling, Lil Nas X revealed today that he was dead serious. The post shared with Lil Nas X's 1.8 million followers shows the rapper performing in front of that same school assembly. 

The tiny youngsters are amassed in a school gymnasium and patiently waiting on Lil Nas X to perform his hit-song. Eventually, the 20-year-old artist begins humming as the familiar instrumental to the popular song begins. Quickly, the crowd goes wild and the children begin singing along. The video is absolutely adorable and indeed shows yet another facet side of Lil Nas X's likable personality. 

The latest news surrounding Lil Nas X includes more teasers of the rapper's debut project, 7. The artwork for the highly-anticipated album was shared by Lil Nas. Moreover, the artist had time to troll Drake a bit by replicating his Nothing Was The Same album cover.