It seemed as if Lil Nas X stole the show on Friday (April 3), but not because of anything related to his music career. The young star took over 2019 with "Old Town Road" and recently he grabbed attention once again with a series of photos. Lil Nas X is shown in pastel colors, adorned with flowers, or wearing a corset for his Guardian Weekend magazine's photoshoot, and there were plenty of people who had something to say about the pictures. Akademiks didn't skip a beat at sharing his thoughts which included a mention of Young Thug.

Akademiks retweeted the four images and added his own caption. "Young Thug walked so Lil Nas X could run," he wrote, referencing Thugger's Alessandro Trincone dress that he wore on the cover of his 2016 mixtape JeffreySome believed Akademiks was taking a jab at Lil Nas X's sexuality, although the social commentator didn't actually say anything about the rapper about being gay or effeminate.

However, Lil Nas X can not only take a joke, but he can deliver them, as well. He retweeted Akademiks with a quip of his own. "Just say i look cute bro u don’t gotta do all this," Lil Nas X replied. Check out the photos and the brief exchange between the two below.