Love him or hate him, Lil Nas X continues to shine. The Pop-rapper has only been lavishing in the throws of celebrity for about two years but he has been catapulting to new heights from one announcement to the next. His debut studio album Montero proved to be a No. 1 charting hit, as was his "Industry Baby" single featuring Jack Harlow.

Sure, we have reported on the controversies that Lil Nas X has found himself ensnared in as he trolls the world with his social media posts, but he is unfazed by critics. On Wednesday (October 20), Nas X naysayers were up in arms after it was shared that he received his own day in Atlanta but the rapper was too busy celebrating to notice.

Lil Nas x
Paras Griffin / Contributor / Getty Images

Lil Nas X was bestowed a plaque commemorating his special moment as Atlanta's first Black LGBTQIA council member Antonio Brown presented him with the honor at The Gathering Spot ATL. Nas X took to the stage for a brief speech where he called having "Lil Nas X Day" and an "incredible" moment before he got choked up. His friends and loved ones told him to "take in all in" as he expressed he didn't want to cry.

Considering that he grew up less than half an hour outside of Atlanta proper, this was an honor that Lil Nas X couldn't stop beaming about. Watch a snippet of his time at The Gathering Spot ATL.