Lil Nas X's most streamed and most loved song, "Old Town Road" was treated to a remix last month when Young Thug and "Walmart yodeling boy" Mason Ramsey hopped on the track to lay down a verse of their own, adding more love to the beat. Before the remix was released, it seems as though there was another artist who took a stab at being featured on the song and he goes by Joe Jonas. 

The Video Music Awards took place earlier this week and Lil Nas X and Joe Jonas were both in attendance, leading the Jonas Brothers singer to share an image of him and Lil Nas to Twitter with the following caption: "My old town road remix never made the cut ☹️" Lil Nas X responded to the tweet with some encouraging words when he assured Jonas that he would be welcomed on the remix of his debut album's second track, "Panini."

"Imma let u on panini don’t worry," Lil Nas responded.

Lil Nas took home two awards at the VMAs and followed up his his special evening with a post on Instagram dedicated to everyone who believed in him and made his success happen. "I want to thank my dad for paying my phone bill every month while watching me try to make a career from memes. i want to thank my sister bianca for letting me leach off of her while promoting my music online lol, he wrote - see the full post below.