Lil Nas X has been killing it ever since he dropped on the scene with his beloved hit "Old Town Road." The song, that features Billy Ray Cyrus, is still holding its spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and has given Nas X a new milestone since the song has been at #1 on the charts for 16 weeks straight. The only other acts to have a song sit at number one for that long is 2017's Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's "Despacito" featuring Justin Bieber and 1995's Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men collaboration, "One Sweet Day."

If Lil Nas X's song lasts just one more week, it will become the longest running song in history. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Not too long, Lil Nas came out to his fans on the last day of Pride month. His honesty resulted in some negative comments from haters and according to Young Thug, he thinks Lil Nas shouldn't have told anyone.

"I feel like he probably shouldn’t have told the world, because these days—motherfuckers is just all judgement,” he told the No Jumper podcast. “It ain’t even about the music no more, Soon as the song comes on everybody’s like ‘this gay ass ni--a’”.