UPDATE: We reached out to Lil Nas X's team and they refused to comment on his legal situation.

Lil Nas X has been enjoying a hell of a run, with his breakout single "Old Town Road" continuing to forge a triumphant trail at the top of the charts. And while the general public has come to appreciate the wholesome, family-friendly country bop, it's clear that not everyone is standing in Lil Nas' corner. In fact, the crossover artist has recently run afoul of a company called The Music Force, who allege that Nas X has been up to no good. In fact, TMZ confirms that The Music Force is planning on hitting him with a massive lawsuit, to the tune of $25 million.

Off the bat, the staggering sum appears rather absurd, especially when one considers the rationale behind it. See, The Music Force claims that Lil Nas X's "Carry On" is directly lifted from a 1982 Bobby Caldwell song of the same name, implementing elements without permission to do so. Now, The Music Force feels that "Carry On" is irreparably damaged, and thus, Lil Nas X should fork over some of that "Old Town Dough." Especially considering the fact they believe Lil Nas was motivated by both "malice" and "greed."

At this point, it's hard to say how this one will play out. Though it's entirely possible that The Music Force has a point, seeking $25 Milli feels a tad hypocritical, given that they're directly accusing Lil Nas of being greedy. Would "Carry On" have earned even close to $25 mill in streaming royalties had Lil Nas' track never existed in the first place? One has to wonder if this will even see a courtroom to begin with.