Lil Nas X has been living the life everyone wishes they could. To begin, he dropped a monster-hit single with Billy Ray Cyrus entitled "Old Town Road" and the song has been one of the longest records to own the top spot of the Billboard 200 Charts. The rapper also pushed out his first EP, 7 which was favorably received and reflected his creative versatility. The single also allowed him to drop in on a slew of festivals and perform across the country. Most importantly, the young artist has garnered a set of important candids along the way with some of your favourite celebrities. The latest celebrity to pose with the yee-haw artist was Rihanna and now the legendary rap group, the Migos, have joined the list.

Quavo of the Migos posted the photo which showed Lil Nas X suited in his original cowboy suit. The musician stood by the group as they all posed in a similar manner. The caption was written in Quavo's signature writing style: "🐎 s I N T H A B A C K meets ðŸ¦… s I N T H A T R A P ! ! !" Clearly, Lil Nas X is everybody's goals right now and is making high friends in high places.