The internet loves to jump to conclusions, forcing recording artists to often explain made-up fan scenarios that have gone viral on social media. Lil Nas X is a product of the internet, using it to the max to ensure he remains one of the most popular artists in the world. He took full advantage of TikTok before anybody else, crafting "Old Town Road," which would go on to become a worldwide smash hit. He followed that up with the release of "Panini," a more hip-hop friendly record before dropping his current single, "Rodeo". On his critically-acclaimed project 7, Cardi B features on the song but, at the Grammy Awards, LNX premiered a new version with none other than Nas, the man he modelled his name after. Unleashing the music video for "Rodeo" earlier today, Cardi B's fanbase questioned why she was nowhere to be seen in the clip, and Lil Nas X had a decent enough explanation.

Taking to Twitter to address the issue, Nas X wrote that the multi-platinum superstar was not available for the video shoot and thus made no appearance in the clip. "I didn’t 'kick' cardi off of rodeo. she couldn't do the video," clarified the country rapper. "We cool tho."

Many believed it was an odd decision to feature Cardi B on "Rodeo" in the first place. She didn't necessarily fit on the record and was accused of being added on just to chase streams. Would you have preferred she make a cameo in the video?