The fact that people are saying that Lil Nas X is only gay for success is pretty ridiculous because, historically, gay artists have been shunned by the music industry. Especially in hip-hop, you're generally perceived as "less than" if you present as anything other than a cisgender heterosexual male. In the wake of his latest success with his #1 hit record "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)," which is the rapper's first song where he details a sexual relationship with another man, LNX is fighting back against the bigots saying he's only using his sexuality as a means to elevate his fame and status.

"Y’all love saying i’m being gay for success but can’t name 5 successful gay male artists in the last 10 years to save your life," said Lil Nas on Twitter. People love to claim that there's an "agenda" pushing homosexuality and LGBTQ+ identity in the music industry, which is very easily combated by using Lil Nas's argument. "I’m not dissing anyone. I’m acknowledging the fact that we aren’t usually as successful as our peers," he explained in a later tweet. "It’s a million n***as in the industry that make nothing but songs about women and y’all don’t complain. but i make my first song about a n***a and now it’s my entire artistry. y’all crack me up man."

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In other news surrounding the 22-year-old cultural phenom, he recently responded after fans criticized him for a video of his mother allegedly begging for food in the street. Lil Nas X said that he has cried himself to sleep countless nights because of his mother's addiction, trying to help her multiple times without a successful result. 

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