Yesterday was a busy day for Lil Nas XThe Columbia Records artist, most known for "Old Town Road," had some time on his hands and decided to clap back at skeptics and detractors. First, he clowned a TikTok user who claimed that Lil Nas X was at the center of a music industry conspiracy and being forced to spread an LGBTQ+ agenda. Then, the "Panini" rapper took things to a completely different level when he exposed Tekashi 6ix9ine for allegedly sliding in his DMs. 6ix9ine quickly tried to deny the situation, but it appears that all parties involved have moved on from yesterday's antics.

Apparently, the "Holiday" artist is simply spending his Friday in a more constructive manner. In a recent Instagram post, Lil Nas X reveals that he has officially become a homeowner. "bought my first house today," he writes in the caption under a series of photos that show the artist enjoying his new home.  In the first picture, Lil Nas X is seen outside dangling his new set of keys while other flicks show him basking in the sunlight in his fenced backyard and throwing up the middle finger in a pristine marble-accented kitchen.

Regardless of whether those 6ix9ine DMs were authentic or doctored, at least Lil Nas has moved past the drama and found time to celebrate this milestone achievement.