We're becoming accustomed to "run me my check" news where people go after artists who they claim owe them a penny or two, but Fiona Apple wasn't at the top of anyone's list of debt collectors. Recently, the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter sat down for an interview with New York Magazine and discussed her 2012 single "Every Single Night." Fiona shared that she rejected pop group Panic! At the Disco's request to sample the track (she noted that lead singer Brendan Urie called her a "b*tch" over it) but there was apparently more to her comments that didn't make it into the publication.

Addressing the allegedly removed remarks, Fiona shared a video of herself asking Lil Nas X why she hasn't received a check yet. "The one thing that the lovely Rachel Handler didn't mention that I did say in the interview, which I would just like to say now is: Lil Nas X, you're probably really great," she said. "But you used my song 'Every Single Night,' too. You sampled that song, too, in a song called 'Kim Jong Un,' I think. And, um, hey, where's my money? You cute little guy. Where's my money?"

Last year, Lil Nas X dropped his mixtape Nasarati where he sampled Fiona's song on his track "Kim Jong." It is true that many artists often use samples liberally for mixtapes as they're distributed as free materials, but it becomes a slippery legal slope and can result in lawsuits if not approached carefully. Check out Fiona's half-serious, half-joking video clip below.