Lil Nas X, aka the breakout country star hip-hop has been waiting for since 1973, continues to forge ever onward down the "Old Town Road." While some wonder if the youngster is destined to fall under the "one hit wonder" category, it would appear that Lil Nas X isn't bothered by such doubts. With "Old Town Road" continuing to climb the charts, thanks to a countrified remix with Billy Ray Cyrus, the internet sensation has been hard at work in preparing the next steps on his career path.

We've already seen him exploring some new musical directions, albeit a decidedly less "country" one, for better or worse. Yet now, it would appear that Lil Nas X is remaining committed to the aesthetic that elevated his status, as evidenced by a bevy of cowboy themed cover-art contenders. Taking to Instagram to poll his loyal fans, Lil Nas X presents a simple question: "Which one go the hardest?" Check out the options below, and should you feel up to it, cast your vote in his comment section. What do you think Lil Nas is cooking up?