At this point, it feels odd to thrust each XXL Freshman into an acapella freestyle, even if their approach to music deviates from the delivery of straightforward bars. Yet tradition can be important, the cypher remains one of XXL's main attractions for their annual freshman classes. The acapella joints, however, let's call them hit or miss. Especially when more melodic artists step to the plate, a deviation from their expected comfort zone. Yet Lil Mosey does not balk at a challenge, and made sure to rise to the occasion with some dazed bars.

"Just need new money don't need no new friends," raps Mosey, "2016 turned 5 to a 10, hundred round gun shoot a n***a in his face now, pull up on a n***a and leave him face down." He proceeds to whip into a smooth flow in his closing stanzas, ending on with an emphatic "gang" and a glimpse at his chosen timepiece. While he's not likely to elicit a cry of "BARS" from Funk Flex, Mosey acquaints himself nicely to the format, raising interest as to how he'll perform once the cypher rolls around.

Check out his brief freestyle below, and sound off - are you enjoying this rollout of Freshman Freestyles? Or is it time for XXL to retire the segment altogether?