Whoever shot Lil Loaded is in for a rude awakening because, not only is he still alive and kicking, but he's also back to taunting his opps.

The rising rapper, who is best known for his single "6locc 6a6y," was shot this week before being admitted to the hospital. It didn't take him long to get back on social media though because, as he laid in the hospital bed, he went Live for his fans to interact with him.

"Ya boy done got shot," wrote Lil Loaded as the pinned comment on IG Live. He also took the opportunity to taunt his shooter, telling him that he should "do better" next time.

The Dallas-based rapper logged onto Twitter to confirm the reports of his shooting, also letting his supporters know that he's doing alright with a brief statement.

"I'm good," he wrote.

Thankfully, Lil Loaded is still out here and can use this as fuel to keep going even harder. He's been on the rise for the last year, impressing with each of his new releases. Now, he's got ammo for his next big hit.

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