On November 10th, authorities sent out a warrant for the arrest of Dallas rapper Lil Loaded --real name Dashawn Robertson-- who was being accused of the murder of 18-year-old Khalil Walker. Loaded, 20, turned himself in to police custody, where he was swiftly arrested. It was learned that Loaded was being charged with Walker's murder, which was said to have taken place on the afternoon of October 25th. 

According to Detective John Valdez, Lil Loaded, Khalil Walker, and a third person name Cameron Walker were standing outside of Khalil Walker's house when two gunshots were fired. Upon hearing the shots, Walker's sister Khida came outside to find Loaded and Cameron Walker standing over Khalil's body, "lying on the street with a gunshot wound to his torso." A document claims that Khida Walker proceeded to witness a phone video of Lil Loaded allegedly shooting her brother, though concrete details about the contents of said video remain unclear.

It was later learned that Khalil Walker was a rapper who went by the name Savage Boosie, who Loaded went on to mourn on Instagram. "They try to make u look guilty wen u innocent regardless," he wrote, sharing his mugshot following his arrest. "We going to get pass this . Rip my brother love u." It was quickly theorized that Walker's death occurred under accidental circumstances, as he and Loaded were said by sources close to the rapper to have been very close friends. 

"They try to make u look guilty wen u innocent regardless. We going to get pass this . Rip my brother love u."

Now, it would appear that Lil Loaded has returned home, albeit under unknown circumstances. Given the tone of his celebratory Instagram caption, it seems as if a positive development occurred within his case. "Happy to tell y’all I BEEN HOME‼️‼️" he writes, in a post that rapidly approaches over one hundred thousand likes. At this time, further details surrounding Loaded's release have yet to be shared. Check out his latest post below.