Today is a good day for Lil Kim since the "Nasty One" rapper has saved her beloved New Jersey mansion from foreclosure after putting in work with the judge to give her one more chance. According to The Blast, the judge has sided with Lil Kim and has denied one of her creditors attempts to take her home. The deal was made after Kim forked over $32,297.41, that covers three $10,155 payments plus interest and legal fees.

Next month, Kim will have to submit proof of home insurance and begin paying her monthly bills of $10,155.4. Although this is good news, Kim is on a tight leash since the publication is reporting that if she misses just one payment her creditor has the right to forfeit the home and sell it to the highest bidder. 

As previously posted, Lil Kim filed for bankruptcy a few months back claiming she's $4 million in debt. The sum breaks down to $2 million in debt from her mansion, $1,845,451.74 in taxes as well as an additional $186K for legal bills. Lil Kim's good for now and her upcoming album should bring in some cash to level out her debt. 

"If you're God's child, you can't be touched, boo!" she said to paparazzi amid her bankruptcy reveal - clearly, she's in a good headspace.