Lil Kim's daughter, Royal Reign, is growing up before of our eyes and her father is realizing that he's missing out on both ladies. Mr. Papers felt compelled to expose his scars publicly, wielding the former couple's love of rap.

The homie uploaded a video of himself diving into some of the details of his relationship with the female emcee. Papers even tagged her next to a broken heart emoji in the post's caption. He wants her to notice how hurt he feels, even choosing a quintessentially emotional track for the occasion. 

His laments start with owning up to his faults. Kind of. 

I gotta live through all my regrets,

They say a boy blessed, I'm calling it stressed

My eyes waters, I see my daughter's barrettes

They say it's my fault, sh*t, I guess 

The rap also refers to Biggie.

They say I got a cold heart

But I still give her space every March 9th

He goes on to expose himself as an ex-con and tell Lil Kim how to deal with her career, suggesting a collaboration with Remy Ma.

Social media users in the comments are unsure of the dude's motive. Does he expect the queen to get back at him with a rebuttal? Couldn't he have simply texted homegirl? What kind of barrettes make a grown man cry? Didn't he see Lil Kim performing alongside Remy Ma this year?