Just last month, Lil Kim sued her attorney over bad licensing agreements. Now, according to the all-knowing TMZ, it seems she's being sued by her former business manager Andrew Ro, who claims her behavior cost him $15 million in squandered endorsement deals.

In August of last year, Kim signed a licensing deal with Ro's company, International Rock Star Corp. They planned to release several new products, among them an energy drink, perfume and clothing lines and a Steve Madden shoe line. 

Ro described Kim as a "menace to work with" who "often refused to come to project meetings unless she was being paid extra for her time." He claims she refused to promote her products, and eventually started ignoring their phone calls completely. After breaking off her contract, she filed a cease and desist letter concerning any future projects, as well as a lawsuit claiming the IRS "tricked her into a bad licensing deal." 

There's been no official ruling at this point. 

That is all.