Lil Kim's ex-boyfriend, Damion "World" Hardy, is facing some serious trouble. A federal appeals court recently upheld a judge's decision to forcibly medicate Hardy so that he'll be able to stand trial for six murder charges.

Hardy has repeatedly attacked prison guards and inmates while in jail, and he also suffers from schizophrenia and delusions that he is the Messiah, so administering anti-psychotic drugs is necessary, the panel of three judges say. To give you some background on Hardy, he was arrested in 2004 for the six murders he took part in, and he could be facing the death penalty for killing a rival when he was the leader of the Cash Money Brothers drug gang which is based in Brooklyn. 

Hardy once lived in a New Jersey mansion with Lil Kim, and things started going south in 2004 when he took a trip to the Middle East in an attempt to meet with kings of Morocco and Jordan. In that same year, he claimed that his relationship with the Hardcore rapper ended because he was part of the Masons, a secret society.

Hardy's defense lawyer, David Ruhnke, declined to comment to NY Daily News on whether his client would be appealing the orders to the U.S. Supreme Court.