Back in April, we posted that Lil Kim's New Jersey mansion went up for auction after a 2010 foreclosure and the opening bid was a shocking $100. The home was assessed to be worth $3 million with 6,000 square feet but unfortunately, the property tax worth $23,247 tied in with Lil Kim's bankruptcy issues makes it a stiff bill to have to front. 

New reports by Page Six say the "Nasty One" rapper is now fighting with a judge to save her house from going up for sale, officially - clearly no one won the auction. Lil Kim claims that she will rearrange her funds and debts and will fork over “adequate protection payments” to the mortgage company to secure it through the bankruptcy. She recently filed for bankruptcy in May and the judge is still deciding on her argument. 

Not too long ago Kim hopped on Instagram Live just after her $4 million dollar bankruptcy hit headlines. Despite the financial hit, she remained positive and optimistic stating: "If you're God's child, you can't be touched, boo!" She reportedly offered to pay off some of her debtors $5500 a month in order to lower her bills. She's clearly still making some money moves since she just dropped off a new track with, hopefully, more to come.