The all-star late '90s Bad Boy lineup, sans Biggie of course, has recently been thrust back into the spotlight with the Diddy-organized reunion tour, which kicked off in Brooklyn earlier this month. While on the road getting adjusted to tour life, Lil Kim called into DJ Whoo Kid's "Whoolywood Shuffle" show on Shade 45 to discuss the reunion experience and how its success speaks on the lasting legacy of Biggie Smalls, with whom she had a serious and well-documented love affair. Listen to the 15-minute interview below. 

Over 10 minutes into their conversation, Whoo Kid asked Kim to reel off her top five Biggie records -- no easy task -- and she was impressively quick with her response, although she couldn't cut her list at just five, as she added "Somebody's Gotta Die" to her initial selections of "Warning," "Dead Wrong," "Who Shot Ya?", "Hypnotize," and "Kick in the Door." From those choices, it would seem that Kim's favorite B.I.G. album is 1997's Life After Death, which was released 16 days after he was killed. 

After revisiting a couple of Kim's choices, throw up your own top 5 list of Biggie classics in the comments.