Lil Keed is finally being noticed as one of the most creative rising stars in music, quietly stepping out of Young Thug's shadow and slowly coming into his own on his new album Trapped On Cleveland 3. While he still has some work to do to be recognized outside of simply being one of Thugger's "sons", the newly-crowned XXL Freshman is really getting there. 

Celebrating the release of his new album, Lil Keed took to Reddit to conduct an Ask Me Anything session, where he divulged plenty of information that you would normally only get from interview sessions with the rapper.

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During the fan-hosted session, Keed confirmed that there will be a deluxe version of TOC3 dropping soon, saying that the project will be "crazier than the album." He also explained why he thinks he's more relatable than other artists coming up with him.

"Because I tend to give real insight on my life," he said. "Stuff that rappers don’t do. I tend to my fans and show them how I really live so they feel like they know me. I don’t want them to miss anything that has to do with me. I just love to open up to my fans more than other rappers, or other artists."

In addition to admitting that he wants to make more pop and reggae songs, Lil Keed also said that his favorite project from Young Thug is Barter 6 and that he really wants to make music with Drake and Rick Ross. He also gave props to Post Malone and The Weeknd as some of his favorite non-hip hop artists before revealing the most important piece of advice that he's received from Thugger. "Save your money because it’ll save you," he echoed.

Of course, he couldn't leave the session without some questions about his blood brother Lil Gotit. Keed was asked who would win in a fight, to which he playfully taunted his bro. "Me. I would beat the fuck out of Gotit," he joked.

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