We haven't heard a whole lot of music from Lil Jon is recent times but he's definitely still been working. At the top of the year, the rapper dropped off his massive anthem "Alive" featuring none other than 2 Chainz and Offset. Since then, he's revealed that he's working on new music but we're not sure exactly that'll drop. However, the rapper/producer has another gig up his sleeve for the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs.

The NHL announced that Lil Jon will be performing at a free concert ahead of game one of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The rapper will be taking to the stage at 3 p.m. PST. If you're unable to make your way to the concert in Vegas today, pieces of the performance will air on NBC in the States and CBC in Canada. The concert will take place on Toshiba Plaza outside of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas before the Vegas Golden Knights and The Washington Capitals. It is a free concert that's available to the public. 

Lil Jon has been vocal about his support for the Golden Knights in recent times. In an interview, Lil Jon revealed that he's been into hockey for essentially his whole life. More specifically, he's mentioned that they are his current favorite team. With Lil Jon performing ahead of their game, maybe it'll be a way to hype them up before their hit the ice.