Lil Jon Links With The Kool-Aid Man For "All I Really Want For Christmas"

Mitch Findlay
December 18, 2018 10:32

Lil Jon drops off some holiday cheer from the window to the wall.

Lil Jon is a legend, particular for those who attended high school during the height of fame. You couldn't go two minutes without hearing his guttural roar, as countless young fiends belted out bars about sweat n' balls. In some ways, Jon was an integral piece in the "crunk" movement, which marked a divisive yet interesting moment in hip-hop history. Yet even those who grew tired of his boundless energy and lewd, crude, and rude hedonism, have come to respect Lil Jon as a respected figure in the pantheon.

Even if he isn't taken that seriously, one important distinction must be made. We're laughing with him, and not at him. Of course, the man doesn't seem to mind either way, having enlisted the literal Kool-Aid Man for his new Christmas banger. That's right. Lil Jon has returned like Santa Clause himself, bringing forth a lively X-mas jingle complete with outlandish visuals. 

Be sure to ring in the holiday season with Lil Jon's unique brand of Christmas cheer, and remember: crunk is the gift that keeps on giving.

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