Lil Jon "In The Pit" Video

Matt F
July 31, 2017 19:55

Check out Lil Jon's new video for "In The Pit."

Imagine, for a moment, that you're at a headbangin', mosh pit-style rock concert, with bodies flying every which way and chaos ensuing on all fronts. Now, replace the music with trap beats underscoring Lil Jon's well-known bark, thrown in a motorbike being lit on fire, and you've got the video for "In The Pit," Jon's raucous new single on Geffen Records.

Taking place at a used car graveyard, the veteran rapper and his crew bounce to the beat on top of cars that are about be junked, getting their energy out by hammering away at some of the vehicle's bodies. This is interspliced with some concert footage, with the crowd literally throwing themselves into the song. It's a departure for Lil Jon, yet it also sounds like it's the same old, same old - in a good way, that is.

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