Lil Wayneendorsed Donald Trump for re-election last night, meeting with the President and posing for a photo with him, and his fans are not happy in the slightest.

This hasn't been the best week in history for Young Money. At the beginning of the week, a viral tweet started circulating arguing how Nicki Minaj and Drake were the only two members that were actually any good, discounting the talents of Gudda Gudda, Tyga, Jae Millz, and others. As Tyga's fans continue to vouch for him, Lil Wayne stole the spotlight back when he endorsed Donald Trump, creating another low-point for YME this week.

As you likely know, Wayne isn't alone in supporting 45. Lil Pump is also voting for Trump, and Ice Cube and 50 Cent have both confused fans with their stances. Technically, Ice Cube hasn't endorsed either candidate, but he is working with Trump's administration. 50 Cent has yo-yo'ed around, denouncing Trump and pledging to vote for Biden this week.

A fan hit up Lil Jon and asked if he would follow suit and also support Trump. His response was emphatic.

"HOW ABOUT FUCKKKK NOOOOOO," replied the "Get Low" hitmaker. There you have it, Lil Jon will not be voting for Trump.

It's definitely surprising to see so many rappers endorsing Trump, given the President's inability to condemn white supremacy on multiple occasions.

Biden is still the heavy favorite to win in next week's election.

Have you already voted?