Last week Lil Flip was arrested after he was pulled over for speeding and marijuana and an assault rifle was found in the vehicle.  He was later released on $35k bail, and took to Twitter to complain about the arrest saying that the gun was legal as he has a license for it, and the substance found was not marijuana. 

Flip blames the arresting officer for falsely pressing charges and then maintains that what he had on him was not weed.  He names the officer by name, and says that he still has the Bushmaster AR-15 in his possession, "#FRESHOUT???? GOOGLE OFFICER#9845 DENNIS, BUCKINGHAM IN MANSFIELD ,LOUISIANA I HAVE A GUN LICENSE..???? AND BLACK N MILD GUTS AIN’T GANJA???? ME SAVAGE BEEN OUT SINCE YESTER DAY…IF MY GUN WAS A PROBLEM WHY IS IT STILL IN MY TRUNK.. IT’S ALL GOOD." 

He later deleted the tweets, perhaps under advisory from his lawyer. 

[Via HHDX]