Lil Flip just got off the hook for an arrest warrant stemming from a missed court date earlier this month, but it seems like the rapper's legal woes are far from over. The missed appearance was for a charge for Flip's possession of a small amount of marijuana and an AR-15 rifle within his vehicle on Christmas day of last year. The rapper was indicted on a very similar charge today, which came from a 2012 traffic stop that uncovered over 400 grams of codeine in his car.

ABCLocal reports that another man was indicted for the very same charge along with Flip. Dematrius Delane Richardson was assumedly present during the stop that occurred Oct. 18 2012, on Interstate 45.

Flip's court date for the firearm and marijuana charge is still set for July, to which he will plead not guilty.

Stay tuned for further updates.