Lil Duval is an impossibly bad example of open-mindedness. In fact most of his ideas concerning sex and gender are about twenty to thirty years off the mark. Never the less, his opinions are shared by many "in the culture." Today in fact, he took issue without something that R&B singer Ne-Yo posted on Instagram. The infographic displayed the following message:

"We Gotta Make Being Faithful to One Woman Cool Again Like 90s R&B Songs. That Kind of Love Needs to Come Back Cause This Grown Boy Stuff is Corny"

Lil Duval jumped into the comment section by insisting that Ne-Yo is "breaking all types of guy codes." Whether or not I generally agree with Duval's facade, I do however feel obliged to point out how Ne-Yo sort of comes off goody goody in a not so cute kind of way. It's not as if there isn't plenty of make-believe in the music industry anyway. Also worth critiquing: monogamy for the sake of it.

T.I also jumped into the comment box in support of Duval's statement. The boys club lives for better or worse. It appears Ne-Yo has not chosen a side, if in fact those are the rules.