Gayle King has been at the receiving end of heavy criticism this morning after her interview with Lisa Leslie aired. Leslie, who was one of Kobe's best friend and a WNBA champ herself, got in-depth about Bryant's legacy and their friendship. It was Gayle King's question about the 2003 rape allegations that set things off on Twitter and social media as a whole.

Lil Duval is among those who took issue with Gayle bringing up that case, specifically as his family, friends and fans continue grieving Kobe's death. "Salute to Lisa Leslie for not letting Gayle suck her into her agenda. Somebody tell Gayle to interview Harvey Weinstein next," he commented. "I hope women are paying attention to what's really going on within our community. It ain't them fucking with us[,] it's US fucking with us."

King isn't the only one who brought up these allegations so soon after Kobe's passing. In fact, it didn't take long after he was pronounced dead for these allegations to resurface. King, however, seemed to adamant on pushing the topic on Leslie, who respectfully answered Gayle's question in the first place. 

Duval added, "Agendas be based off what personally hurt them. thing don't change for the better coming from a place of hurt. No matter your intentions. You're pretty much a villain and don't even realize it."

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