Earlier in the year, Lil Durk made a major announcement when he revealed that he was leaving Def Jam records after five years. The rapper's decision to leave the label after half a decade was due to creative differences as well as the changes inside of their offices. "I didn't want to be a part of another regime change," he said about his departure from the record label. Nearly four months later and Lil Durk has already found a new home.

Lil Durk has announced that he's penned a new record deal with Alamo Records under Interscope Records. The Chicago rapper's long awaited project Signed To The Streets 3 will serve as his first-full length release under the Alamo umbrella. This comes after the success of Just Cause Y'all Waited that he released in March independently after announcing his departure from Def Jam. 

"I went somewhere that made me feel like I was a top priority; a place that needed me just as much as I needed them. Since the beginning of the discussions with Todd, Shari, Joie, Nigel and the people over Alamo and Interscope, they made me feel that way," He said to Billboard. "Plus the money was lovely. My team and I went a whole year and a half where we basically did everything on our own. It made us stronger. Now that Alamo and Interscope partnered with us, the sky is the limit for sure."

Keep your eyes peeled for Lil Durk's forthcoming project Signed To The Streets 3 which is expected to drop later this month.

Aside from his solo work, the rapper is readying the release of Only The Family's first group mixtape as a label, Only The Family Involved, Vol. 1. Peep his new video for "Remembrance" below.