It would appear that Lil Baby and Lil Durk are attempting a different rollout for their upcoming collaborative album Voice Of Heroes. Rather than previewing songs guaranteed to make the cut, the rappers have been highlighting the tracks on the chopping block, raising the bar for what's to come when the project drops on June 4th.

Yesterday, the pair took to Instagram to share a snippet of a song that didn't make the final cut, which featured an impressive verse from Lil Baby. "This lil bitch say that she through with me and this her last time," he rapped, in a clip you can check out here. "Got an older chick she love to suck the dick, give great advice / she start licking me in the car and she blame it on the ice / could have been rich a long time ago, I blame it on the dice."

Johnny Louis/Getty Images

Today, Durk came through on Twitter to share another snippet, albeit this time, the state of the track remains in limbo. "If this don’t make it ima be [pissed]," captions the rapper, making it clear that he's been fighting for this one to make it. "@lilbaby4PF what we doing." 

As for the song itself, upon hearing it, it's no wonder Durk holds it in high regard. From the sound of it, he's turning in quite the performance. "How you steady screaming about child support, you don't even support your own child," he raps, in the opening lines. "You don't support none of your n***as locked in them cages waiting for trial / I was always one of those n***as the whole hood prayed make it out / don't shoot the innocent bystanders, you gon' slide then make it count."

Check out the full snippet below, and sound off if you want to see this one make the cut on Voice Of Heroes when it drops on June 4th.