Lil Durk was just recently released from jail, and it seems as if he's once again hard at work on his upcoming mixtape, Signed To The Streets. The rapper, who signed with French Montana's Coke Boys imprint earlier this year, has also been extremely active on Twitter since getting out, and attracted some attention after a few of his tweets were interpreted as shots at former collaborator Chief Keef. Durk cleared the air on the claims in an interview with DJ MoonDawg, as well as touching on his signing with French.

The "Dis Ain't What You Want" rapper admitted that he and Keef had experienced issues, but maintained that it was handled face to face. “Sneak dissing is talking behind each other’s backs. You know what I’m saying? We had a couple of words, but that ain’t sneak dissing,” he said. “I’m doing me. That’s all I’mma say…I don’t be at Twitter looking at no Tweets man.”

The Chicago emcee then explained that his Coke Boy status was able to work because the imprint is through Def Jam-- the label he already calls home. “Yeah, I got a deal with Def Jam. It don’t really mess with nothing. You know what I’m saying? Cause it’s not two major labels,” he said.

Durk was confident that not only would the French co-sign give him exposure, but he could actually enhance the coke Boy brand. “The whole Coke Boy movement—it’s a big ol’ movement. East Coast, West Coast, at the same time." he explained. "It’s really just French. By me politicking and seeing his ways, I’m like ‘I could come help him. I could be the next big thing from Coke Boys.’”

Read Durk and Keef's alleged sub-tweets below.