Lil Durk emerged from Cook County court victorious on Friday after a judge cleared him of violating probation when he was arrested on felony gun charges, the Chicago Tribune reports. The judge's decision led prosecutors to drop those charges. 

"I was kind of nervous, but I ain't ever nervous about the truth because I know God is on my side and I got a good lawyer," Durk said after the hearing.

Judge Timothy Joyce ruled that while prosecutors Durk knew guns were present at a home he was renting, they failed to prove he more than likely had "possession and control" of the weapons. In 2014, police traveled to the home with the intention of arresting a man on charges of first-degree murder. They noticed a pair of .45-caliber handguns sitting on the kitchen counter when Durk walked downstairs to greet them.

“Thank god for my lawyer who been there since day one Sam Adams Jr.,” Durk captioned an Instagram photo of him alongside his lawyer after the hearing. “I beat my case today now I can get to the money and growth of my career and being a father to my kids thank you God 2x.”