Some matters can only be settled on the court. Though many rappers have expressed confidence in their basketball prowess, some are downright cocky. Evidently, Lil Durk can count himself among the latter category. The Chicago rapper has been clearly scouring the game for a sparring partner, with whom he can go head-to-head in a good ol' fashioned basketball duel. Two men, one ball. Leave the mic skills at the door.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Yesterday, it seems as if Durk found the ideal challenger. After Complex Sports shared a video of Cole sinking a massive three-pointer during a scrimmage at Chris Brickley's "Black Ops Basketball" event, Durk slid into the comment section looking for all the smoke. "I'll bust his ass," replies Durk, clearly seized by the effects of the Basketball Jones. Though we respect his confidence, one has to wonder if Cole will respond in kind. Still, he's a competitor to the core, and it stands to reason that facing Lil Durk in a one-on-one game would be another accomplishment for his bucket list.

Hopefully, Complex can make good on their word and organize the event; the more hip-hop fuelled basketball face-offs, the merrier. Who would you put your money on?