By late December, Lil Durkhad already decided to claim 2021 as his. The release of his long-awaited album, The Voice arrived just days before Christmas. It earned him 25K in its first tracking which was only based on one day of sales. The sales continued to climb well into 2021 and it set the tone for what we're about to see from the rapper this year.

Further cementing that sentiment was the release of the deluxe edition of the project which is expected to move upwards of 78K this week, per HDD. It's aiming for #2 on the charts trailing behind Morgan Wallace's Dangerous: The Double Album which is expected to move 130K in its first week. It doesn't seem like things will change but there are some factors to consider. For one, Morgan Wallace just found himself in a massive controversy after hurling racial slurs. Radio removed him from rotation and on the final two tracking days, he's facing the effects of cancel culture.

Secondly, Lil Durk recently announced that he'll be unveiling a brand new single tonight alongside Kehlani. The rapper took to Twitter and Instagram where he shared the news of their forthcoming collaboration titled, "Love You Too." Fans already anticipate that they'll have the song on repeat for days to come. 

It seems unlikely that the single could propel The Voice to the top of the Billboard 200 in anyway. However, we welcome new music from Durk at any chance possible.