Lil Durk has been applying pressure for the past few months, releasing both The Voice and The Voice Deluxe in a back-to-back blitz. And while some would be content with the output the Chicago rapper has provided thus far, it would appear that Durk isn't ready nor willing to cease firing anytime soon. In fact, he's still sitting on an anticipated Metro Boomin collaboration album, No Auto Durk, which is likely set to arrive before the springtime rolls around.

Lil Durk

 Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Increasing the expectation for an imminent release is Metro Boomin, who has recently taken to social media to stir up some hype -- albeit in the cryptic fashion many artists have adopted. "The sound and the voice," captions the super-producer, alongside a collection of behind-the-scenes studio pictures. Of course, fans are keen to hear some actual music from the anticipated project, though it seems as if Metro and Durk alike are playing this one close to the chest. 

Don't be surprised to see a concrete update shortly, as it's fair to say that Durk is in the midst of a truly meteoric rise -- a status that's sure to rise once he comes through and delivers No Auto Durk in full. After all, if there's anything the masses love, it's a project entirely produced by Metro Boomin. And one presumably free of any autotune, should the title be any indication. Either way, 2021 is looking to be a massive year for both Lil Durk and Metro alike-- be sure to show some love in the comments below.