Last year, one of the most creative videos featured Chris Brown and Lil Dicky switching bodies, living out a day in the other's shoes. While the concept had been repeated so many times, "Freaky Friday" was effective and well-made. LD clearly has an interest in producing quality visuals and considering the time and money he puts into his productions, we've got to admit we're pretty excited to see what his plans are for next week. The comedic rapper announced that he would be coming through with a new song and video next week, which Justin Bieber retweeted shortly after. Biebs has been speculated to be a featured guest on the track but he seemingly won't be the only person making a cameo in the video.

According to TMZ, we can expect a slew of famous guests in the upcoming clip. DJ Khaled will be making his return, having first appeared in "Freaky Friday" and people like Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes, Halsey, Adam Levine and others will also be gracing the screen. There's a huge amount of hype around the video too. Considering the fact that Lil Dicky rarely ever drops new material, you can bet on the fact that this will be special. Those that have seen the video reportedly have said that it's one of the best productions they've ever witnessed.

Are you looking forward to Lil Dicky's upcoming music video? Watch "Freaky Friday" below and catch a glimpse of what we're anticipating.