Lil Dicky had a bit of a dry spell in the rap game for a few years. He did release music under his alter ego, Brain but in terms of solo music from Dicky, it took a while for it to come. The rapper released his latest single, "Freaky Friday," last week along with the video which found him switching bodies with Chris Brown, DJ Khaled, Kendall Jenner and Ed Sheeran. However, it seems like if he had his choice, he'd go with two star athletes in their respective sports.

In a recent interview with Billboard, the rapper spoke on his recent video for "Freaky Friday" and its recent success on the charts. At the end of the interview, he revealed that if he had the chance to switch bodies with any one, Lebron James is first and Tom Brady is second.

"LeBron James. I'm such a big basketball fan, and to be in his body for a day, and be able to just dunk at will, have that level of court awareness, and size, oh my goodness, that would be a treat." He said, "After him, I would probably go Tom Brady. Being the best quarterback of all time, and then being married to one of the most prolific supermodels of all time, not a bad person to be."

Dicky's previously flexed his athletic abilities in the past. The rapper played on 2 Chainz team during the Hip Hop All-Star Game against Snoop Dogg during NBA All-Star Game.