If you're a fan of rap and comedy, do yourself a favor and start watching Dave. The new series was created by Lil Dicky, focusing on his fictional rise as a professional rapper and continuing a narrative that he has pushed for years.

LD doesn't take his job seriously. He's an incredibly skilled rapper but his music falls more on the comedic side, drawing a thin line between laughable and humorous. His latest venture was well-calculated and there are certainly some cringe-worthy moments blended in with the knee-slappers. One of the moments combining both sentiments happens when Dave brings a girl home to his room, getting it in and observing the Drake poster in the room ever so slightly. In another scene, he has some fun with a sex doll and gets embarrassed in front of the global superstar. It would appear as though the poster has had such a great impact on the life of Lil Dicky that he wants Drake to sign it.

"Will you sign my poster @champagnepapi," asked Lil Dicky in one post. "I wonder if @champagnepapi is somewhere right now fucking a sex doll underneath a poster of me," he pondered in another.

Right now might not be the best time to meet up with Drake for that autograph. As of right now, he is reportedly self-isolating in his Toronto mansion after coming in contact with Kevin Durant a few days ago. The basketball star tested positive for the novel coronavirus and Drake doesn't want to take any chances.